Project Investigators

Current Project Investigators (RFA-AI-15-023)

Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators in the Mucosal Immunology Studies Team include the following:

Project Title Project Investigator(s) Organization Additional Info
Innate Immune Regulation of Airway Inflammation Artis, David
Sonnenberg, Gregory F.
Weill Medical College of Cornell Artis Lab
Sonnenberg Lab 
Specificity of Intestinal Immunoglobulin A Bendelac, Albert S. University of Chicago Bendelac Lab
Paneth Cell Secreted Effectors in Mucosal Innate Immunity Bevins, Charles L. University of California at Davis Bevins Lab
Control of the Functional Fate of CD4 T Cells by LncRNA-Switch Cheroutre, Hilde La Jolla Institute For Allergy & Immunology Cheroutre Lab
Mucosal Immune Defense Mechanisms of the Urinary Bladder Colonna, Marco
Hultgren, Scott J.
Washington University Colonna Lab
Hultgren Lab
The Muc2 Mucus Gel as an Innate Immune Mechanism that Inhibits Inflammation Hansson, Gunnar C.
Johansson, Malin E.V.
Goteborg University (Sweden) Hansson Lab
Trefoil Factor Proteins Regulate Inflammation and Immunity Herbert, Debroski R. University of Pennsylvania Herbert Lab
HVEM: A TNF Family Receptor that Influences Mucosal Immunity and the Microbiome Kronenberg, Mitchell La Jolla Institute For Allergy & Immunology Kronenberg Lab
Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors Regulating Commensal-Specific T Helper-17 Cells Liu, Bei Medical University of South Carolina Liu Lab
Control of Mucosal Immunity by Gas- Vs Gai-Linked Gpcr Signaling in Dendritic Cells Raz, Eyal University of California San Diego Raz Lab
Human Airway Microfold Cells in Mucosal Immunity to Bacterial Pathogens Shiloh, Michael UT Southwestern Medical Center Shiloh Lab

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Photo: Color-enhanced histologic image of a severely inflamed mouse colon following a T cell transfer model of colitis, demonstrating crypt elongation, loss of normal architecture and inflammatory cell infiltrates. Photo Credit: Artis and Sonnenberg laboratories, Weill Cornell Medical College.